mmedit.utils.setup_env 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import datetime
import importlib
import warnings
from types import ModuleType
from typing import Optional

from mmengine import DefaultScope

[文档]def register_all_modules(init_default_scope: bool = True) -> None: """Register all modules in mmedit into the registries. Args: init_default_scope (bool): Whether initialize the mmedit default scope. When `init_default_scope=True`, the global default scope will be set to `mmedit`, and all registries will build modules from mmedit's registry node. To understand more about the registry, please refer to Defaults to True. """ # noqa import mmedit.datasets # noqa: F401,F403 import mmedit.engine # noqa: F401,F403 import mmedit.evaluation # noqa: F401,F403 import mmedit.models # noqa: F401,F403 import mmedit.visualization # noqa: F401,F403 if init_default_scope: never_created = DefaultScope.get_current_instance() is None \ or not DefaultScope.check_instance_created('mmedit') if never_created: DefaultScope.get_instance('mmedit', scope_name='mmedit') return current_scope = DefaultScope.get_current_instance() if current_scope.scope_name != 'mmedit': warnings.warn('The current default scope ' f'"{current_scope.scope_name}" is not "mmedit", ' '`register_all_modules` will force the current' 'default scope to be "mmedit". If this is not ' 'expected, please set `init_default_scope=False`.') # avoid name conflict new_instance_name = f'mmedit-{}' DefaultScope.get_instance(new_instance_name, scope_name='mmedit')
[文档]def try_import(name: str) -> Optional[ModuleType]: """Try to import a module. Args: name (str): Specifies what module to import in absolute or relative terms (e.g. either pkg.mod or ..mod). Returns: ModuleType or None: If importing successfully, returns the imported module, otherwise returns None. """ try: return importlib.import_module(name) except ImportError: return None
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