mmedit.datasets.cifar10_dataset 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import pickle
from typing import List, Optional

import mmengine.dist as dist
import numpy as np
from mmengine.fileio import get_file_backend

from mmedit.registry import DATASETS
from .basic_conditional_dataset import BasicConditionalDataset
from .categories import CIFAR10_CATEGORIES
from .data_utils import check_md5, download_and_extract_archive

[文档]class CIFAR10(BasicConditionalDataset): """`CIFAR10 <>`_ Dataset. This implementation is modified from Args: data_prefix (str): Prefix for data. test_mode (bool): ``test_mode=True`` means in test phase. It determines to use the training set or test set. metainfo (dict, optional): Meta information for dataset, such as categories information. Defaults to None. data_root (str): The root directory for ``data_prefix``. Defaults to ''. download (bool): Whether to download the dataset if not exists. Defaults to True. **kwargs: Other keyword arguments in :class:`BaseDataset`. """ # noqa: E501
[文档] base_folder = 'cifar-10-batches-py'
[文档] url = ''
[文档] filename = 'cifar-10-python.tar.gz'
[文档] tgz_md5 = 'c58f30108f718f92721af3b95e74349a'
[文档] train_list = [ ['data_batch_1', 'c99cafc152244af753f735de768cd75f'], ['data_batch_2', 'd4bba439e000b95fd0a9bffe97cbabec'], ['data_batch_3', '54ebc095f3ab1f0389bbae665268c751'], ['data_batch_4', '634d18415352ddfa80567beed471001a'], ['data_batch_5', '482c414d41f54cd18b22e5b47cb7c3cb'],
[文档] test_list = [ ['test_batch', '40351d587109b95175f43aff81a1287e'],
[文档] meta = { 'filename': 'batches.meta', 'key': 'label_names', 'md5': '5ff9c542aee3614f3951f8cda6e48888',
[文档] METAINFO = {'classes': CIFAR10_CATEGORIES}
def __init__(self, data_prefix: str, test_mode: bool, metainfo: Optional[dict] = None, data_root: str = '', download: bool = True, **kwargs): = download super().__init__( # The CIFAR dataset doesn't need specify annotation file ann_file='', metainfo=metainfo, data_root=data_root, data_prefix=dict(root=data_prefix), test_mode=test_mode, **kwargs)
[文档] def load_data_list(self): """Load images and ground truth labels.""" root_prefix = self.data_prefix['root'] file_backend = get_file_backend(uri=root_prefix) if dist.is_main_process() and not self._check_integrity(): if != 'LocalBackend': raise RuntimeError( f'The dataset on {root_prefix} is not integrated, ' f'please manually handle it.') if download_and_extract_archive( self.url, root_prefix, filename=self.filename, md5=self.tgz_md5) else: raise RuntimeError( f'Cannot find {self.__class__.__name__} dataset in ' f"{self.data_prefix['root']}, you can specify " '`download=True` to download automatically.') dist.barrier() assert self._check_integrity(), \ 'Download failed or shared storage is unavailable. Please ' \ f'download the dataset manually through {self.url}.' if not self.test_mode: downloaded_list = self.train_list else: downloaded_list = self.test_list imgs = [] gt_labels = [] # load the picked numpy arrays for file_name, _ in downloaded_list: file_path = file_backend.join_path(root_prefix, self.base_folder, file_name) content = file_backend.get(file_path) entry = pickle.loads(content, encoding='latin1') imgs.append(entry['data']) if 'labels' in entry: gt_labels.extend(entry['labels']) else: gt_labels.extend(entry['fine_labels']) imgs = np.vstack(imgs).reshape(-1, 3, 32, 32) imgs = imgs.transpose((0, 2, 3, 1)) # convert to HWC if self.CLASSES is None: # The metainfo in the file has the lowest priority, therefore # we only need to load it if classes is not specified. self._load_meta() data_list = [] for img, gt_label in zip(imgs, gt_labels): info = {'img': img, 'gt_label': int(gt_label)} data_list.append(info) return data_list
[文档] def _load_meta(self): """Load categories information from metafile.""" root = self.data_prefix['root'] file_backend = get_file_backend(uri=root) path = file_backend.join_path(root, self.base_folder, self.meta['filename']) md5 = self.meta.get('md5', None) if not file_backend.exists(path) or (md5 is not None and not check_md5(path, md5)): raise RuntimeError( 'Dataset metadata file not found or corrupted.' + ' You can use `download=True` to download it') content = file_backend.get(path) data = pickle.loads(content, encoding='latin1') self._metainfo.setdefault('classes', data[self.meta['key']])
[文档] def _check_integrity(self): """Check the integrity of data files.""" root = self.data_prefix['root'] file_backend = get_file_backend(uri=root) for fentry in (self.train_list + self.test_list): filename, md5 = fentry[0], fentry[1] fpath = file_backend.join_path(root, self.base_folder, filename) if not file_backend.exists(fpath): return False if md5 is not None and not check_md5( fpath, md5, file_backend=file_backend): return False return True
[文档] def extra_repr(self) -> List[str]: """The extra repr information of the dataset.""" body = [f"Prefix of data: \t{self.data_prefix['root']}"] return body
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