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What is MMEditing?

MMEditing is an open-source toolbox for professional AI researchers and machine learning engineers to explore image and video processing, editing and synthesis.

MMEditing allows researchers and engineers to use pre-trained state-of-the-art models, train and develop new customized models easily.

MMEditing supports various foundamental generative models, including:

  • Unconditional Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

  • Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

  • Internal Learning

  • Diffusion Models

  • And many other generative models are coming soon!

MMEditing supports various applications, including:

  • Image super-resolution

  • Video super-resolution

  • Video frame interpolation

  • Image inpainting

  • Image matting

  • Image-to-image translation

  • And many other applications are coming soon!

StyleGAN3 Images
BigGAN Images

Why should I use MMEditing?

  • State of the Art

    MMEditing provides state-of-the-art generative models to process, edit and synthesize images and videos.

  • Powerful and Popular Applications

    MMEditing supports popular and contemporary inpainting, matting, super-resolution and generation applications. Specifically, MMEditing supports GAN interpolation, GAN projection, GAN manipulations and many other popular GAN’s applications. It’s time to play with your GANs!

  • New Modular Design for Flexible Combination:

    We decompose the editing framework into different modules and one can easily construct a customized editor framework by combining different modules. Specifically, a new design for complex loss modules is proposed for customizing the links between modules, which can achieve flexible combinations among different modules.(Tutorial for losses)

  • Efficient Distributed Training:

    With the support of MMSeparateDistributedDataParallel, distributed training for dynamic architectures can be easily implemented.

Get started

For installation instructions, please see get_started.

User guides

For beginners, we suggest learning the basic usage of MMEditing from user_guides.

Advanced guides

For users who are familiar with MMEditing, you may want to learn the design of MMEditing, as well as how to extend the repo, how to use multiple repos and other advanced usages, please refer to advanced_guides.

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