Source code for mmedit.models.editors.stylegan3.stylegan3_generator

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from copy import deepcopy

import mmengine
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from mmengine.runner.checkpoint import _load_checkpoint_with_prefix

from mmedit.registry import MODELS
from ...utils import get_module_device
from ..stylegan1 import get_mean_latent

[docs]class StyleGAN3Generator(nn.Module): """StyleGAN3 Generator. In StyleGAN3, we make several changes to StyleGANv2's generator which include transformed fourier features, filtered nonlinearities and non-critical sampling, etc. More details can be found in: Alias-Free Generative Adversarial Networks NeurIPS'2021. Ref: Args: out_size (int): The output size of the StyleGAN3 generator. style_channels (int): The number of channels for style code. img_channels (int): The number of output's channels. noise_size (int, optional): Size of the input noise vector. Defaults to 512. rgb2bgr (bool, optional): Whether to reformat the output channels with order `bgr`. We provide several pre-trained StyleGAN3 weights whose output channels order is `rgb`. You can set this argument to True to use the weights. pretrained (str | dict, optional): Path for the pretrained model or dict containing information for pretained models whose necessary key is 'ckpt_path'. Besides, you can also provide 'prefix' to load the generator part from the whole state dict. Defaults to None. synthesis_cfg (dict, optional): Config for synthesis network. Defaults to dict(type='SynthesisNetwork'). mapping_cfg (dict, optional): Config for mapping network. Defaults to dict(type='MappingNetwork'). """ def __init__(self, out_size, style_channels, img_channels, noise_size=512, rgb2bgr=False, pretrained=None, synthesis_cfg=dict(type='SynthesisNetwork'), mapping_cfg=dict(type='MappingNetwork')): super().__init__() self.noise_size = noise_size self.style_channels = style_channels self.out_size = out_size self.img_channels = img_channels self.rgb2bgr = rgb2bgr self._synthesis_cfg = deepcopy(synthesis_cfg) self._synthesis_cfg.setdefault('style_channels', style_channels) self._synthesis_cfg.setdefault('out_size', out_size) self._synthesis_cfg.setdefault('img_channels', img_channels) self.synthesis = self.num_ws = self.synthesis.num_ws self._mapping_cfg = deepcopy(mapping_cfg) self._mapping_cfg.setdefault('noise_size', noise_size) self._mapping_cfg.setdefault('style_channels', style_channels) self._mapping_cfg.setdefault('num_ws', self.num_ws) self.style_mapping = if pretrained is not None: self._load_pretrained_model(**pretrained)
[docs] def _load_pretrained_model(self, ckpt_path, prefix='', map_location='cpu', strict=True): state_dict = _load_checkpoint_with_prefix(prefix, ckpt_path, map_location) self.load_state_dict(state_dict, strict=strict) mmengine.print_log(f'Load pretrained model from {ckpt_path}')
[docs] def forward(self, noise, num_batches=0, input_is_latent=False, truncation=1, num_truncation_layer=None, update_emas=False, force_fp32=True, return_noise=False, return_latents=False): """Forward Function for stylegan3. Args: noise (torch.Tensor | callable | None): You can directly give a batch of noise through a ``torch.Tensor`` or offer a callable function to sample a batch of noise data. Otherwise, the ``None`` indicates to use the default noise sampler. num_batches (int, optional): The number of batch size. Defaults to 0. input_is_latent (bool, optional): If `True`, the input tensor is the latent tensor. Defaults to False. truncation (float, optional): Truncation factor. Give value less than 1., the truncation trick will be adopted. Defaults to 1. num_truncation_layer (int, optional): Number of layers use truncated latent. Defaults to None. update_emas (bool, optional): Whether update moving average of mean latent. Defaults to False. force_fp32 (bool, optional): Force fp32 ignore the weights. Defaults to True. return_noise (bool, optional): If True, ``noise_batch`` will be returned in a dict with ``fake_img``. Defaults to False. return_latents (bool, optional): If True, ``latent`` will be returned in a dict with ``fake_img``. Defaults to False. Returns: torch.Tensor | dict: Generated image tensor or dictionary \ containing more data. """ # if input is latent, set noise size as the style_channels noise_size = ( self.style_channels if input_is_latent else self.noise_size) if isinstance(noise, torch.Tensor): assert noise.shape[1] == noise_size assert noise.ndim == 2, ('The noise should be in shape of (n, c), ' f'but got {noise.shape}') noise_batch = noise # receive a noise generator and sample noise. elif callable(noise): noise_generator = noise assert num_batches > 0 noise_batch = noise_generator((num_batches, noise_size)) # otherwise, we will adopt default noise sampler. else: assert num_batches > 0 noise_batch = torch.randn((num_batches, noise_size)) device = get_module_device(self) noise_batch = if input_is_latent: ws = noise_batch.unsqueeze(1).repeat([1, self.num_ws, 1]) else: ws = self.style_mapping( noise_batch, truncation=truncation, num_truncation_layer=num_truncation_layer, update_emas=update_emas) out_img = self.synthesis( ws, update_emas=update_emas, force_fp32=force_fp32) if self.rgb2bgr: out_img = out_img[:, [2, 1, 0], ...] if return_noise or return_latents: output = dict(fake_img=out_img, noise_batch=noise_batch, latent=ws) return output return out_img
[docs] def get_mean_latent(self, num_samples=4096, **kwargs): """Get mean latent of W space in this generator. Args: num_samples (int, optional): Number of sample times. Defaults to 4096. Returns: Tensor: Mean latent of this generator. """ if hasattr(self.style_mapping, 'w_avg'): return self.style_mapping.w_avg return get_mean_latent(self, num_samples, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_training_kwargs(self, phase): """Get training kwargs. In StyleGANv3, we enable fp16, and update mangitude ema during training of discriminator. This function is used to pass related arguments. Args: phase (str): Current training phase. Returns: dict: Training kwargs. """ if phase == 'disc': return dict(update_emas=True, force_fp32=False) if phase == 'gen': return dict(force_fp32=False) return {}
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