Source code for mmedit.models.editors.real_esrgan.real_esrgan

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from copy import deepcopy

import torch

from mmedit.registry import MODELS
from ..srgan import SRGAN

[docs]class RealESRGAN(SRGAN): """Real-ESRGAN model for single image super-resolution. Ref: Real-ESRGAN: Training Real-World Blind Super-Resolution with Pure Synthetic Data, 2021. Note: generator_ema is realized in EMA_HOOK Args: generator (dict): Config for the generator. discriminator (dict, optional): Config for the discriminator. Default: None. gan_loss (dict, optional): Config for the gan loss. Note that the loss weight in gan loss is only for the generator. pixel_loss (dict, optional): Config for the pixel loss. Default: None. perceptual_loss (dict, optional): Config for the perceptual loss. Default: None. is_use_sharpened_gt_in_pixel (bool, optional): Whether to use the image sharpened by unsharp masking as the GT for pixel loss. Default: False. is_use_sharpened_gt_in_percep (bool, optional): Whether to use the image sharpened by unsharp masking as the GT for perceptual loss. Default: False. is_use_sharpened_gt_in_gan (bool, optional): Whether to use the image sharpened by unsharp masking as the GT for adversarial loss. Default: False. is_use_ema (bool, optional): When to apply exponential moving average on the network weights. Default: True. train_cfg (dict): Config for training. Default: None. You may change the training of gan by setting: `disc_steps`: how many discriminator updates after one generate update; `disc_init_steps`: how many discriminator updates at the start of the training. These two keys are useful when training with WGAN. test_cfg (dict): Config for testing. Default: None. init_cfg (dict, optional): The weight initialized config for :class:`BaseModule`. Default: None. data_preprocessor (dict, optional): The pre-process config of :class:`BaseDataPreprocessor`. Default: None. """ def __init__(self, generator, discriminator=None, gan_loss=None, pixel_loss=None, perceptual_loss=None, is_use_sharpened_gt_in_pixel=False, is_use_sharpened_gt_in_percep=False, is_use_sharpened_gt_in_gan=False, is_use_ema=True, train_cfg=None, test_cfg=None, init_cfg=None, data_preprocessor=None): super().__init__( generator=generator, discriminator=discriminator, gan_loss=gan_loss, pixel_loss=pixel_loss, perceptual_loss=perceptual_loss, train_cfg=train_cfg, test_cfg=test_cfg, init_cfg=init_cfg, data_preprocessor=data_preprocessor) self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_pixel = is_use_sharpened_gt_in_pixel self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_percep = is_use_sharpened_gt_in_percep self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_gan = is_use_sharpened_gt_in_gan self.is_use_ema = is_use_ema if is_use_ema: self.generator_ema = deepcopy(self.generator) else: self.generator_ema = None if train_cfg is not None: # used for initializing from ema model self.start_iter = train_cfg.get('start_iter', -1) else: self.start_iter = -1
[docs] def forward_tensor(self, inputs, data_samples=None, training=False): """Forward tensor. Returns result of simple forward. Args: inputs (torch.Tensor): batch input tensor collated by :attr:`data_preprocessor`. data_samples (List[BaseDataElement], optional): data samples collated by :attr:`data_preprocessor`. training (bool): Whether is training. Default: False. Returns: Tensor: result of simple forward. """ if training or not self.is_use_ema: feats = self.generator(inputs) else: feats = self.generator_ema(inputs) return feats
[docs] def g_step(self, batch_outputs, batch_gt_data): """G step of GAN: Calculate losses of generator. Args: batch_outputs (Tensor): Batch output of generator. batch_gt_data (Tuple[Tensor]): Batch GT data. Returns: dict: Dict of losses. """ gt_pixel, gt_percep, _ = batch_gt_data losses = dict() # pix loss if self.pixel_loss: losses['loss_pix'] = self.pixel_loss(batch_outputs, gt_pixel) # perceptual loss if self.perceptual_loss: loss_percep, loss_style = self.perceptual_loss( batch_outputs, gt_percep) if loss_percep is not None: losses['loss_perceptual'] = loss_percep if loss_style is not None: losses['loss_style'] = loss_style # gan loss for generator if self.gan_loss and self.discriminator: fake_g_pred = self.discriminator(batch_outputs) losses['loss_gan'] = self.gan_loss( fake_g_pred, target_is_real=True, is_disc=False) return losses
[docs] def d_step_real(self, batch_outputs, batch_gt_data: torch.Tensor): """Real part of D step. Args: batch_outputs (Tensor): Batch output of generator. batch_gt_data (Tuple[Tensor]): Batch GT data. Returns: Tensor: Real part of gan_loss for discriminator. """ _, _, gt_gan = batch_gt_data # real real_d_pred = self.discriminator(gt_gan) loss_d_real = self.gan_loss( real_d_pred, target_is_real=True, is_disc=True) return loss_d_real
[docs] def d_step_fake(self, batch_outputs, batch_gt_data): """Fake part of D step. Args: batch_outputs (Tensor): Output of generator. batch_gt_data (Tuple[Tensor]): Batch GT data. Returns: Tensor: Fake part of gan_loss for discriminator. """ # fake fake_d_pred = self.discriminator(batch_outputs.detach()) loss_d_fake = self.gan_loss( fake_d_pred, target_is_real=False, is_disc=True) return loss_d_fake
[docs] def extract_gt_data(self, data_samples): """extract gt data from data samples. Args: data_samples (list): List of EditDataSample. Returns: Tensor: Extract gt data. """ gt_imgs = [ for data_sample in data_samples] gt = torch.stack(gt_imgs) gt_unsharp = [ / 255. for data_sample in data_samples ] gt_unsharp = torch.stack(gt_unsharp) gt_pixel, gt_percep, gt_gan = gt.clone(), gt.clone(), gt.clone() if self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_pixel: gt_pixel = gt_unsharp.clone() if self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_percep: gt_percep = gt_unsharp.clone() if self.is_use_sharpened_gt_in_gan: gt_gan = gt_unsharp.clone() return gt_pixel, gt_percep, gt_gan
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