Source code for mmedit.models.editors.indexnet.indexnet

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import torch

from mmedit.models.base_models import BaseMattor
from mmedit.models.utils import get_unknown_tensor
from mmedit.registry import MODELS

[docs]class IndexNet(BaseMattor): """IndexNet matting model. This implementation follows: Indices Matter: Learning to Index for Deep Image Matting Args: data_preprocessor (dict, optional): The pre-process config of :class:`BaseDataPreprocessor`. backbone (dict): Config of backbone. train_cfg (dict): Config of training. In 'train_cfg', 'train_backbone' should be specified. test_cfg (dict): Config of testing. init_cfg (dict, optional): The weight initialized config for :class:`BaseModule`. loss_alpha (dict): Config of the alpha prediction loss. Default: None. loss_comp (dict): Config of the composition loss. Default: None. """ def __init__(self, data_preprocessor, backbone, loss_alpha=None, loss_comp=None, init_cfg=None, train_cfg=None, test_cfg=None): super().__init__( backbone=backbone, data_preprocessor=data_preprocessor, init_cfg=init_cfg, train_cfg=train_cfg, test_cfg=test_cfg) self.loss_alpha = ( if loss_alpha is not None else None) self.loss_comp = ( if loss_comp is not None else None)
[docs] def _forward(self, inputs): """Forward function. Args: inputs (torch.Tensor): Input tensor. Returns: Tensor: Output tensor. """ pred_alpha = self.backbone(inputs) return pred_alpha
[docs] def _forward_test(self, inputs): """Forward function for testing IndexNet model. Args: inputs (torch.Tensor): batch input tensor. Returns: Tensor: Output tensor of model. """ return self._forward(inputs)
[docs] def _forward_train(self, inputs, data_samples): """Forward function for training IndexNet model. Args: inputs (torch.Tensor): batch input tensor collated by :attr:`data_preprocessor`. data_samples (List[BaseDataElement]): data samples collated by :attr:`data_preprocessor`. Returns: dict: Contains the loss items and batch information. """ trimap = inputs[:, 3:, :, :] gt_alpha = torch.stack(tuple( for ds in data_samples)) gt_fg = torch.stack(tuple( for ds in data_samples)) gt_bg = torch.stack(tuple( for ds in data_samples)) gt_merged = torch.stack( tuple( for ds in data_samples)) pred_alpha = self.backbone(inputs) weight = get_unknown_tensor(trimap, unknown_value=128 / 255) losses = dict() if self.loss_alpha is not None: losses['loss_alpha'] = self.loss_alpha(pred_alpha, gt_alpha, weight) if self.loss_comp is not None: losses['loss_comp'] = self.loss_comp(pred_alpha, gt_fg, gt_bg, gt_merged, weight) return losses
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